Sample of applications

The extensive JAKUB VILLAGE specialised multifunctional training facility is undoubtedly one of the most advanced training complexes on NATO scale. With its size, capacity, quality of training facilities having a high degree of simulation trueness, it will clearly overrun borders of the Slovak Republic.
The JAKUB VILLAGE facility contains more system simulators from the Jakub Uni System, adjusted for the complex training of special armed forces and other units of the Integrated Rescue System of the Slovak Republic. This training facility is equipped with modern technologies and is situated within an extensive military area providing a number of other training possibilities.  


Location of the helicopter simulator JAKUB KOLOSEUM, training tactical buildings with shooting range JAKUB BUILDING GUN and water dam on one place enables efficient training of special armed forces and rescuers.  This facility is situated in the military area of the Armed Forced of the Slovak Republic.


The climbing simulator JAKUB CLIMBING with added module DESANT and helicopter simulator JAKUB KOLOSEUM are situated together in the training area of Special Forced of the Egypt Army. Training possibilities are enhanced also by the artificial water dam and ship dummy within reach of the helicopter simulator.