Used technologies, equipment and new projects    

An essential part of UNI System JAKUB training facilities are supplementary technologies, which enhance efficiency and lifelikeness of the training. Supplies of this equipment consist of classical simple means, verified by a long-term usage for training, as well as of the most modern technologies, developed in cooperation with users and on the basis of their requirements. Each training facility composed from Uni System JAKUB components is equipped also with supplementary technologies on the basis of client’s requirements for the standard and capacity of the training.

Catalogue of supplementary technologies and equipment for tactical – shooting training

Programmable Target Machine (pictures)

Overview of availables shoting ranges and equipment
Summary of Uni System products for Law Enforcement and Rescuers
Training center for Integrated Rescue System (Police, Army, Rescue, Fire-fighters)
Breachable doors and Breach house simulator Jakub Building Breach
Grenade house Jakub Building Explosive