Basic components of the JAKUB UNI SYSTEM

The JAKUB CLIMBING training simulator is a methodologically self-contained training facility for simulating training of individual climbing skills and methods of team solutions to situations in heights under conditions of army-combat commitments, in peace-making activities, during natural disasters, anti-terrorist actions and fire-fighting practice.
It is supplied in a range of variants differing according to their utilization (various types of climbing walls and indoor equipment). It is suitable to locate it within reach of the simulator JAKUB COLOSEUM with regard to full training utilization.

The JAKUB COLOSEUM helicopter and landing training simulator is a training facility for simulating training in a series of partial elements and comprehensive activities of Law Enforcement related to tactical use of helicopters in various types of aerial and ground combat, peacemaking, anti-terrorist and rescue operations of the armed forces. The JAKUB COLOSEUM training simulator provides effective, intensive and attractive training in day or night. It is suitable to install it together with other Uni System Jakub simulators with regard to full training utilization.

The JAKUB GUN is an original system of shooting ranges for multi-purpose usage. It is an effective instrument for contemporary modern training. Indoor Live-Fire shooting ranges are equipped with advanced technology, various simulator effects and camera systems. JAKUB GUN can be supplied in different sizes and equipment depending on the order of customer. Picture gallery P1 contains samples of Jakub Gun Long for vehicles, P2 contains samples of Jakub Gun Medium shooting ranges, P3 contains samples of Jakub Gun Small and Grenade house.

P1 P2 P3

The JAKUB BUILDING GUN is a facility for tactical and shooting practice. Indoor Live-Fire shooting range, equipped with advanced technology, various simulator effects and camera systems, is placed within the JAKUB BUILDING, where the tactic fight in city build-up area can be adequately combined with possibility of Live-Fire shooting in the "Clean House".
The cave and tunnel polygon JAKUB UNDERGROUND is a multifunctional training facility enabling practising and training of a wide range of activities and model situations in relation to cave and connecting tunnel objects. The facility enables tactical, shooting and rescue training with utilization of modern technologies.

Training tunnels JAKUB TUNNELS are purpose multifunctional models of real tunnels, which offer simulation and situational training of a wide range of rescue, police and military activities performed in tunnels and their surroundings. Simulators JAKUB TUNNELS can be used for training separately or in relation to other facilities of the UNI SYSTEM JAKUB.Photo gallery P1 contains pictures of tunnel, P2 contains photos from training of rescuers and fire-fighter.

The JAKUB FIRE is a simulator for training of fire fighters. Its training area with size ca. 11x5x3.5 m is equipped with a system of burners and other advanced technologies, which enable simulation of various types of fires inside the room including the “Flash-Over”. This simulator includes also technological spaces and a control room, from where it is possible to control safe training of fighting such fires by means of electronic devices.
The JAKUB HIGH-RISE building is provided for training of special units. Allows the practice of forced entry and cleaning of building, using live ammunition. The walls of rooms and corridors are protected against the bullets with steel plates and anti-ricochet panels. The roof of building is reinforced by the airdrop of the special forces from helicopter and is adjusted for their rappelling on the facade and forced to rooms. Some rooms can by equipped with breachable doors, moving targets and portable target liftig device with remote control and hit registration. Buiding is fitted for sniper training also.