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Uni System Jakub is a universal complex for development of physical, psychical, expert and tactical abilities of army intervention units, law enforcement teams, SWAT teams and all units operating within rescue and emergency systems, especially fire fighters and medical units.
        This system can be secondarily utilized also for leisure time activities of all population groups and for targeted programs for prevention of health nature and of social-pathological phenomena.
        The system is formed by a set of relatively separate simulators, whose composition enables to fully respect requirements of a client related to parameters of training facility. The set training facility can be gradually expanded with regard to capacity and amount of training options or the training can be improved by adding and modernizing individual technologies.  
        The modular system of individual simulators and the whole system creates preconditions for its permanent development in relation to changing requirements for training, development of technologies and needs of users. The system supply includes also the know-how in both fields of training as well as operation and maintenance of simulators and the training system as a whole.  
        An essential part of training facilities UNI System Jakub are supplementary technologies, which enhance efficiency and lifelikeness of the training. Development of supplementary technologies for training takes place continuously and their offer corresponds with experience from training as well as with new technical knowledge in the field.
Supplies of this equipment consist of classical simple means, verified by a long-term usage for training, as well as of the most modern technologies. Each training facility composed from Uni System Jakub components, is equipped also with supplementary technologies on the basis of client’s requirements for the standard and capacity of the training.

The components of Uni System Jakub - JAKUB KOLOSEUM
and JAKUB CLIMBING, located in a military base, Egypt

The participation of domestic companies in assembly and partial sub-supplies is possible in the case of interest within the assembly (installation) of simulators in the territory of the user.
Quality warranty and after-warranty service is provided for training facilities.    
The Uni System Jakub is currently used in six countries (Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, France, Egypt, Georgia, Albania) and has been awarded a number of prestige prizes awarded in the fields of safety and rescue technologies.